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Best in Show at TAVES - October 2011

The Gradient Revolution Active 'one-box' is a genius concept.

[ In this version of the long running Revolution Active System ] a pair of 3-way speakers are driven by a single 'ONE-BOX' Electronics module.... This Module combines the electronic crossover and four channels of amplification....with a total system price of $ 9,995 this Gradient 'on-box' system is a real hit.

Gradient use controlled directivity with Dipole Bass and Cardioid Mid-range and treble and are remarkably room independent...... Sitting or standing, on or off axis, the sound is remarkably similar... I would even add that they would make a spectacular multichannel system.

I have rarely heard a speaker of this size able to fill such a large space, the bass is particularly exemplary. ....

At a total system cost of $ 9,995, I know of no other competing manufacturer with comparable simplicity, price and performance.

Judge by yourself:

4 X 180W RMS,
Active filter as crossover
Gain adjustable on each channel
2 XLR inputs,
Dipole Bass / Cardioid Mid Range and Treble,

Just add your source and that’s all !!

Marc Philip... Editor Magazine Audio Quebec.

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