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DSPeaker Servo 299L

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DSPeaker Servo 299L

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DSPeaker Servo 299L

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Servo 299L Loudspeaker with active room correction

Servo 299 L -series active loudspeakers take advantage of several cutting-edge technologies. Time-domain response is corrected by high-order DSP-waveform correction, delivering "transient perfect" waveform reproduction. Step response is super-coherent and power spectrum is phenomenally flat. Position servo control delivers the fastest bass down to 30Hz. This would not be possible without position measurement, current feedback bi-amplification and processor-controlled active suspension. Room response is automatically equalized by highly acclaimed, built-in Anti-Mode™ algorithm, which makes Servo 299 L the most versatile loudspeaker regarding positioning within the listening room.

Despite the advanced technological inventions, Servo 299 is the most user-friendly active DSP-speaker. Features include automatic wake-up on signal and automatic turn-off when no signal is present for 15 minutes. Setting up room equalization with Anti-Mode™ is fully automatic, the only user interaction required is a single touch of a button. A set-up microphone is included. Common RCA connectors are used for audio signal, so virtually any receiver (or other source) equipped with pre-out connectors can be used.


  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Direct Position Feedback Servo
  • Active Suspension Compliance Management
  • Anti-Mode™ Automatic Room Correction (Microphone included)
  • Current Bi-Amplification
  • Continous power 90W+90W
  • Amplification Current Feedback
  • Automatic Wake Up on input / Shutdown when 15min idle
  • Ferrofluid Alloy Tweeter with DXT Waveguide
  • 6,5" Aluminium Woofer (long-throw)
  • Measures: 220mm x 300mm x 250mm (w,h,d)
  • Weight: 9,3kg

DSPeaker Servo 299L Loudspeaker with active room correction

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