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Adam A5 Studio Monitor

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- at home in the Best Studios around the World

Over the past 10 years ADAM Monitors have managed to set new benchmarks in many studios worldwide. Used to re-master the recent Beatles LOVE album their precision and transparancy have convinced numerous audio engineers that ADAMs are the best tools available for professional monitoring.

With ADAMs new range of Home Loudspeakers you can now experience Studio Quality in YOUR home.

Simplifi Audio with our Store in El Cajon San Diego are the first US dealers for this new ground breaking line of speakers. Available in a variety of finishes and in Passive, Semi-active or Fully Active configurations an ADAM Home Loudspeaker guarantees an elegant solution to meet anyones STEREO or HOME THEATER requirements.


  • ADAM's AIR MOTION TRANSFORMER tweeter and midrange drivers deliver four times more efficient air coupling compared to any conventional pistonic driver - their latest X-ART tweeter offering effortless HF extension out to 50 Khz.
  • Built-in amplifiers with optimal factory calibrated driver control... no sub-optimal / expensive accesory speaker cables required.
  • Built-in driver protection on active models ensuring trouble free operation..
  • Comprehensive, EQ on active models allowing tailoring of the speakers to any environment / listeners taste. ( Adjustable HF controls on passive models )
  • Exceptional 5 year warranty on active models ( 10 years on passive models ).

Following extensive audions at ADAM's state of the art facility in Berlin W. Germay this year, Simplifi have carefully chosen two over achieving systems from ADAM's extensive new HOME range for presentation at RMAF Denver Oct. 2-4.

First off is the entry level $1497 A5 + SUB7 system which so enthralled Stereophile at the SSI Montreal show April 2009.

Next up is thier BRAND NEW Classic MK3 series released at the recent Munich show May 2009.... Featuring the exact same drivers as their top of the lineTENSOR Series the Compact Classic MK3 + SW260 powered 10" sub offers unbeatable performance for $ 4197 ...add our $ 399 DSPeaker automatic sub-woofer calibration device and you have superb plug-n-play self calibrating full range loudspeaker system for $ 4596

A5 Speaker Sub7 Woofer Compact MK3 SW260 MK 3


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