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DSPeaker Anti-Mode 8033

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Anti-Mode 8033 - automatic Sub-woofer Equalizer

Automatic Room Correction is Finally Reality!

Audio professionals and home theatre enthusiasts have know it for a good while: poor room acoustics can spoil otherwise perfect sound reproduction. Perhaps the most significant challenge is how to deal with standing waves (also known as room ‘modes’) which appear at low frequencies in every listening room. When audio is played back in a typical room, bass output may get severely distorted. Adjectives such as ‘slow’ and ‘boomy’ are commonly used to describe the characteristics of such sound.

Some reviews of the DSPeaker Anti-Mode 8033

“In summary, the DSPeaker Anti-Mode is a dandy little device for taking care of the major influences of room modes. It is incredibly easy to use and reasonable priced.”

Stereophile, Jan ‘09

“All in all, the DSPeaker Anti-Mode 8033 is a very useful gadget that’s verging on essential if your sub-woofer does not already have a  notch filter or some sort of room correction facility, or if you do not have free rein over placement.”

HI-FI World, Aug ‘08

“Calibrated sub-woofer sounded clearly more balanced and accurate. Also the integration to the main speakers improved, and localisation of the sub-woofer diminished.
Anyone can use it, and the result is always consistently successful”

Hifimaailma, Jan ‘08 (translated from Finnish)


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