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Resolution Audio - Opus 21 Audio System


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Resolution Audio - Opus 21 Audio System

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The different components

Don't let the small size fool you

The Resolution Audio System delivers Audiophile performance without taking over your home or emptying your wallet. In a market of ever-increasing bulk and complexity the OPUS Family offers a refreshing departure with elegance that is at home in any environment.

START with the PS + CD system ...

This is the minimum system configuration, CD module gets you an outstanding up-sampling Multi-Bit CD Player with analogue Pre-amp just add speakers and an external power amp. The CD module includes a digital input handling up to 96 khz/24-bit Enhancing Two-Channel Home Theatre and HI-REZ PCM formats.

ADD an S30 or S80 Integrated Amplifier module....

The S30 is a state of the art 30 watt linear amplifi er with Design input from Denis Morecroft of DNM, the S30 is intended for hi-effi ciency 87db+ speakers. The ALL NEW S80 is an 80 watt Switching Amplifi er intended for less effi cient speakers. In addition to the 25 pin DIN input, each of these amplifi ers offer three additional inputs (1 XLR and 2 RCAs)... the additional power supplies for the amplifi ers are housed in the central PS module.

ADD an XS (Extra Sources) module .....

Bridging three centuries of Audio replay formats, the XS Module adds High performance replay from Vinyl, FM/AM and digital mediums including USB. By operating as a system, only the active circuits are enabled, thereby eliminating noise and interference. The 2 Phono Pre-amps are individually optimized for MC and MM cartridges using low-noise transistors and passive RIAA equalization. The AM/FM tuner features RDS info is shown on the PS modules display. The XS module includes a headphone output and additional analog inputs & outputs

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