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Amarra Mini Computer Music Player

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Computer Music Player

Amarra MINI is an audiophile quality solution for high resolution playback. Amarra works alongside iTunes ensuring the best sound possible from your music. Operates up to 96kHz sample rate. Amarra works with most USB and FireWire Audio Interfaces and has been qualifed with the following audio interfaces.

Sharing the same Sonic Studio Engine (SSE) playback as the full version, Amarra MINI provides bit-perfect output of standard and hi-rez audio files to your audio interface and DAC, supporting sample rates up to 96 kHz.

As an important component in your digital playback system Amarra MINI provides the highest quality playback possible.

Amarra MINI 1.0 Software Features

  • Automatic Hardware Sample Rate Management
  • Advanced dither and digital volume (as set thru iTunes)
  • Plays all high resolution PCM formats up to 96kHz
  • Uses iTunes for compressed and rights managed music
  • Integration with Apple Remote and iTouch

Support for Snow Leopard, Leopard and Tiger versions of OS X. When used with a Model Four the following features are enabled
Amarra controlled Analog Volume Control

  • Integration with DSP based Sonic EQ for room adjustment
  • Routing for external components (CD, Phone, DVD, etc)

Upcoming features to include

  • Apple Lossless playback
  • High quality Sample Rate Conversion (non-real time)
  • Model 302 integration to control Hardware based Sonic EQ and Routing

Amarra MINI comes with free software upgrades for 3 years

Amarra MINI works with most FireWire and USB DACs.

Download the Amarra Overview PDF

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